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第1天 - 旧金山-巴斯托奥特莱斯-州界



第2天 - 州界-火焰谷-拉斯维加



第3天 - 拉斯维加斯-大峡谷-拉斯维加斯


第4天 - 拉斯维加斯-旧金山


Day 1 - San Francisco - Barstow - state border
Morning departure from the collection of Back Bay, with California Highway 5, along the way enjoy the Central Valley farm scenery, then entered the maximum of Mojacar North America Desert, Joshua Tree green dotted in the vast expanse of the desert, do not have some fun. Afternoon arrival Barstow (Bastow) Outlet Center (Outlet) enjoy shopping, overnight in Nevada border.


Day 2 - state border - Valley of Fire - Las Vegas
With a happy mood through the early morning from the Company launched an exclusive casino Nevada's oldest, largest of the State Park - Fire Canyon, really into the area to visit, personally into the trails, experience beautiful, spectacular color hills red mountains. During or meet wild bighorn goat, which is an area of ​​up to 36,800 hectares of outdoor archaeological museum. Afternoon return to Las Vegas in the evening and at their own expense to participate in night ($ 25 / person) to enjoy the bright lights of Las Vegas, or tickets to visit the world-famous performances.


Day 3 - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon - Las Vegas
The date set for the free activity day, guests at the hotel can freely and fully enjoy a leisurely life of Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon or may join the trip;
The following items:
West Canyon: Tickets contain their own expense, travel expenses and lunch, a glass bridge, helicopter
South Canyon: expense contains tickets, transportation and lunch


Day 4 - Las Vegas - San Francisco
Today embrace the tired but happy mood rewarding journey home to draw four-day trip on the beautiful stronghold, return to the Bay Area warm home.

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